This March 2024 the International Cannabis Awards will give the awards and will be presenting the Cannabis Competition for 2025, samples will be needy by the end of 2024, so we are giving almost a year for the competitor to work in their best flowers and extracts.

Call for Entries

If you are a cannabis cultivator or producer eager to showcase your creation, ICA is your stage. We invite you to submit your entries and compete for the prestigious title at the International Cannabis Awards. Fill out our participation form, and our team will evaluate your application.

First sample 1000USD (includes 2 tickets for the event)
Next samples 500USD/each (include additional ticket for the event)

The events to bring samples will be known only by the participants and the Judges.

*To be able to participate, participants should pay a fee of 1000$ US first sample, second sample 500$US. Samples should be given directly to the organization in the US or in the EU event. 150 gr per weed sample.

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